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Information for presenters

Oral Presentations

All speakers must download their presentations in the speaker's ready room at least 2 hours before their sessions, see hours below, unless they have sent them to the scientific secretariat in advance. Presenters cannot use their personal computers for their presentations. We recommend using Microsoft to ensure compatibility. There will be a technician in the room who can help you.

In the interest of keeping to the schedule and giving everyone time to present their work you are asked not to go over the time allotted. There will be a clock on the screen to help you and chairs are asked to stop speakers going overtime and to control time for questions. 

Free paper presenters will have 8 minutes give their talk and 2 minutes question time. Chairs will rate the presentation and the score will be added to the abstract review score to determine the winner of the best oral presentation award, and the best first abstract award, see awards below. 

Presenters must be one of the authors of the study which must be original. Abstracts are published in Dysphagia Journal following the congress and are put on the

ESSD website. Presenters must have permission to show all their images and data, it is common practice for other delegates to photograph and record interesting

Presentations must be in English, the language of the congress. There will be simultaneous translation into Spanish for Spanish-speaking delegates for the oral presentations

Speaker's Ready Room

Opening times:
Wednesday 20 September, 07:30 - 17:30
Thursday 21 September, 07:00 - 18:00
Friday 22 September, 07:00 - 18:00
Saturday 23 September, 08:30 - 16:30

ESSD films the invited lectures and uses the videos as educational material available to ESSD members through the website (password controlled). We asked all invited lecturers to sign a form authorising us to do this, as well as a conflict of interest form.

Poster Presentations

The size of the poster must be Din A0: 84cmX120cm portrait - vertical orientation.

Presenting authors are asked to be by their posters during the poster session allotted to them, to highlight the conclusions and answer any questions. The language used will be English and there is no translation possible here as there are 10 parallel sessions. Posters will be rated by the chairs and the score added to that of the abstract reviewers for the best poster award and the best first abstract award, see awards below. 

The 40 posters with the highest scores in the abstract review will be marked as Posters of Merit.

All posters will be displayed all day Thursday to Saturday. Poster presenters not staying for the World Dysphagia Summit may remove their posters on Friday after the sessions. Posters must be mounted before the morning coffee break on Thursday and removed after the afternoon coffee break on Friday or Saturday. Posters that are not removed by Saturday afternoon will be discarded. Posters may be mounted during the welcome reception on Wednesday 20. 

Poster presenters must send a pdf of their poster to the scientific secretariat executiveofficer@myessd.org. The pdf file will be available through a QR code beside the poster and after on the ESSD website members' section. Presenters can also send an audio file explaining the poster, 2-3 minutes, optional, delegates will be able to listen to your explanation on their mobiles through a QR.

Presenters must be one of the authors of the study which must be original. Abstracts are published in Dysphagia Journal following the congress and are put on the ESSD website.

Like last year, we have contracted the company which prints and delivers your posters to the congress at a cost of 59€ plus 21% VAT, postersessiononline, The service is optional, click on the link if you wish to contract it.  It will save delegates from carrying their posters across the world with the risk of them being lost by airlines. The quality is good and they are an experienced and reliable company. They will also help delegates with the design of their poster, included in the cost. They can provide presenters with a hard tube to take the poster back home (12€).



The ESSD is offering the following awards for abstract presenters at the Barcelona 2017 congress. 

  1. Best abstract with oral presentation - 600 € + registration to next year’s congress in Dublin
  2. Best abstract with poster presentation - 300 € + registration to next year’s congress
  3. Best first abstract presented at an ESSD congress - 300 € + registration to next year’s congress

Authors/presenters who wish to enter need to fulfil the conditions below:


  1. Must be ESSD members
  2. Must be early in their research career (specialist + 5 years maximum, postdoc + 5 years maximum, open for others)
  3. Cannot be members of the congress faculty or organizing committee, scientific review committee or  ESSD board.

The scoring of the awards will be 50% based on the abstract review score given by the scientific committee and 50% on the presentation during the congress assessed by the chairs of the sessions. 

For more information, please contact the scientific secretariat, executiveofficer@myessd.org